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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Why Can't I find !!!

من هناك
11-12-2009, 02:39 AM
There are certain things that I have seen in my life that are strange, perplexing, and hard to explain. Maybe I am the only one who doesn’t have a clear explanation for these things, but I am sure many of us have thought of them. Here are only a few of what is on my mind.

I find it hard to explain…why I can find hundreds of friends and acquaintances around me to go out with me to dinner, lunch or to the cinema, or simply hang out with me… but it is difficult to find a friend who is passionate about giving me a small piece of sincere advice that can make me a better person.


It is hard to explain…how I see the $50 as “a lot of money” when charity is asking for it (and I start thinking of the many things I can do with this money!!)…but becomes “not enough money” when I go to the shopping mall (and I spend it on useless things)!

It is hard to explain…how I always fight to get a front seat at a game, concert, or show….but, as the mosque, I always seek the last row in the back.

It is hard to explain…how I feel that the 10 minutes of prayer is “very long”…but can’t feel the 90 minutes when I am watching a movie or a soccer game, or the long hours “working” on the internet (Chatting, YouTube, and facebook).


It is hard to explain…how “exhausting” it is for me to read one part of the Qura’an every day (20 small-sized pages)…but it is so easy for me to finish a 300 page novel (The Da Vinci Code) in less than a week.


It is hard to explain…how, most of the times, I tend to believe and accept what comes in newspapers and magazines…but I often become argumentative about what is mentioned in the Qura’an or Sunnah.

It is really hard to explain…how it is so easy for me to follow what Steven Covey, Brian Tracy, or any other person on TV says about new diet habits, daily job-related skills, etc….but I feel it is “too much” to follow the habits of the Prophet and/or his companions.

It is so hard to explain…how I “can’t find the right words” when I am talking to Allah (supplication or Dua’a)…but I can easily engage in conversations with my friends, colleagues, or others, for endless hours.


Wow…it is so hard to explain…how it is sooooo difficult to memorize few verses (just a few) of the Qura’an…but it is soooo easy to learn tens of songs, their words and music.


It is hard for me to explain…how certain discussions with some people easily turn into a fight of who is going to win…while it is so difficult to focus on finding a common ground and developing mutual understanding.

The hardest thing to explain is that after having said all this, I still find it hard to change!

G. I

11-12-2009, 08:36 AM
very touching.

11-12-2009, 08:48 AM
Why is it so hard to explain??!! i

ححفت الجنة بالمكاره وحفت النار بالشهوات

Rough translation:
Paradise is bound by dis-pleasures and undesirables while the hellfire is bound by pleasures and desires

doesn't this explain it? i

من هناك
11-12-2009, 12:54 PM
Indeed it does. However, it is important to remind people from time to time

Hopefully, the reminder helps